Despite being entirely preventable, malaria remains a major public health challenge and the leading cause of sickness and death across much of sub-Saharan Africa. The disease, transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito, keeps more children out of school than any other disease and also keeps so many families stuck in a cycle of poverty.

After working with children for over 10 years, we’ve seen that school absenteeism among children is caused by so many factors including malaria. Sustainable Development Goal 4 seeks to ensure education and good health and wellbeing which is Goal 3, children can attend school regularly, learn more effectively, and significantly improve their performance at school.

Fight the Bite Project was designed to reduce absenteeism in schools by educating children about malaria, prevention practices, and the use of mosquito-treated nets using a book, a song, and, through a health and hygiene club.

The goal is to educate 5,000 children in Nigeria on malaria, prevention practices, promote bed net usage, keep children in school, and reduce absenteeism in schools.

We seek partners, sponsors, and donors willing to join us on this project to:

  • Decrease malaria prevalence among children and reduce absenteeism.
  • Increase students’ knowledge on malaria, ability to identify potential mosquito breeding grounds, and ways to reduce potential mosquito breeding grounds around their homes.
  • Improve the behavior of children towards malaria prevention and management by joining the clubs.